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97% Of Patients Treated Feel Better Before Leaving our Pain Center With Our Minimally Invasive & Non-Narcotic Treatment
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We Work To Help You Get Your Life Back

Using our novel technique, we focus on identifying the trigger areas causing your pain and RESET the pain receptors back to functioning levels. Our treatment has proven successful in reducing chronic pain in almost all of our patients.
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Stop Just “Dealing With” It

Chronic pain is restrictive, debilitating, and makes the simple things not so simple. You deserve to live a life you can enjoy, a life where chronic pain is not getting in your way. Our staff is available to answer any and all questions you may have. Even if you’re not certain when you would be able to schedule an appointment, we would love to provide you with useful information to help you make an informed decision about your next step toward managing your chronic pain.
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Has Your Pain Taken Away Your Standard of Living?

We understand that pain changes your standard of living and takes away your favorite activities, your career, time spent with loved ones, and much more. We are dedicated to giving you your life back.
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See What Our Patients Have To Say About Our Reset Injections

Kathy Beavers - Cough/shortness of breath

Teresa Mata - shoulder pain

I’ve had singles for eight years. It’s very painful. It feels like you’re being electrocuted. The nerve pain is very sharp and sensitive. I feel better since the procedure. The has improved by at least 60% since the new treatment. It’s not bothering me like it was before. I can still feel it but it’s not constant and nowhere near what the pain usually is.
I have had this neuropathy for several months. It started out as feeling a little numb  and tingly until it progressed to not being able to feel the ground under my feet. It especially bothered me at night when I tried to sleep. I was told nothing could treat my pain. You did the new treatment six months ago which helped tremendously. I am now able to feel the ground under my feet and sleep at night. I feel very good since you reset my nerves. I would recommend this treatment to anybody.
I have had neuropathy of my hands for over five years. Nerve damage from diabetes. Since the procedure I’ve had a very noticeable difference. Huge! Night and day. I now have full motion of my fingers.
Dr. Georges ElKhoury

About Dr. ElKhoury

Dr. ElKhoury has been practicing medicine for over 40 years. His research and discoveries have helped shape the medical industry we see today - he has created standards and protocols for knee replacements, liver transplants, and much more that are still in use today.

His newest discovery is his Reset Injections. Dr. ElKhoury discovered that pain is caused by hyperactive pain receptors. Once located, a series of injections will alleviate the hyperactivity of those pain receptors. As a result, our novel treatment decreases the pain almost instantaneously, with patients feeling significant relief by the time they leave our clinic
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