Specialty Treatment For COPD & Breathing

Breathing happens when an individual expands the chest wall, which expands the lungs. Therefore, Inhalers and steroids commonly used for shortness of breath target the lungs only. However, no treatment modality currently involves the chest wall, which limits the effectiveness of the treatment. Our Reset injection treatment focuses on the chest wall, which allows for more expansion of the chest and more expansion of the lungs with easier breathing and better oxygenation

We Work To Help You Get Your Life Back With Our New, Innovative Treatment

Minimally Invasive Treatment

Our innovative treatment requires no surgery, allowing you to experience effective relief without the risks and downtime associated with surgical procedures.

Non-Narcotic & Steroid Free

Our treatment is designed to be non-narcotic and free of steroids, focusing on offering a safer and more approiate approach to pain management while avoiding common side effects.

97% Feel Immediate Relief

With a 97% success rate, our treatment has demonstrated a remarkable ability to provide effective pain relief for a vast majority of our patients.

Treat Your COPD & Breathing Today

Our Shortness of Breath treatment has changed the lives of hundreds of shortness of breath sufferers. Dr. Elkhoury uses the Reset injection treatment to release the chest wall which in turn will significantly improve the tightness of the chest, shortness of breath, and cough( if present), which will make patients breathe easier, deeper, and better almost immediately. As a result, most patients experience significant breathing improvement even before leaving the Reset Center.

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Regardless of Your Pain, We Are Confident That We Can Treat Your Symptoms

We have treated over 2,000 patients using our proprietary treatment with all different types of pain and discomfort ranging from neuropathy all the way to cancer pain and everything in between. If you have pain or discomfort, we are here to help!

Who Is Dr. ElKhoury?

Dr. ElKhoury has been practicing medicine for over 40 years. His research and discoveries have helped shape the medical industry we see today - he has created techniques and protocols for knee replacements, liver transplants, and much more that are still currently the industry standard.

Dr. Elkhoury is a nationally renowned expert in pain management who completed and published extensive research on various pain management topics. He is published in prestigious peer-reviewed journals like The New England Journal of Medicine and Anesthesiology. He won awards for the quality of his research on peripheral pain receptors. Dr. Elkhoury served six years as the director of the pain clinic at UCLA and the Cancer Pain clinic at UCLA, where he was involved in treating patients with complex pain. Dr. Elkhoury was not just the director; he was also teaching while supervising the pain management residents and interns. Additionally, he was the Director of Anesthesiology for the liver transplant department at UCLA and St. Vincent Medical Center

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