Our Difference

At Reset Pain Management, we take a different approach to managing your pain. Reset Injections are tailored specifically to each patient's pains, needs, conditions, and concerns. Listening to our patient's experiences with pain is at the heart of our treatment and is why it has successfully helped so many people.

Our Treatment Has Changed The Lives of Thousands

Reset Injections have improved the lives of many of our patients. From giving people with neuropathy the ability to feel the ground beneath their feet again to helping people with COPD catch their breath, our treatment has been providing patients who had already given up new hope.

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Listen To What Patients Have To Say

We have treated many different aches and ailments with Reset Injections. Then, we thought, who would be better at explaining the treatment and its impact on patients than the patients? So, we have collected testimonials from hundreds of patients sharing their success with Reset Injections.

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We Work To Help You Get Your Life Back With Our New, Innovative Treatment

Minimally Invasive Treatment

Our innovative treatment requires no surgery, allowing you to experience effective relief without the risks and downtime associated with surgical procedures.

Non-Narcotic & Steroid Free

Our treatment is designed to be non-narcotic and free of steroids, focusing on offering a safer and more approiate approach to pain management while avoiding common side effects.

97% Feel Immediate Relief

With a 97% success rate, our treatment has demonstrated a remarkable ability to provide effective pain relief for a vast majority of our patients.

Enjoy Life With Less Pain and More Functionality

The goal of our treatment is to increase our patients' functionality and decrease their pain levels. Call or text our office to become a Reset Pain Management patient.