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  • Lower Back Pain (110)
  • Headaches (68)
  • Sciatica (63)
  • Neck Pain (47)
  • Knee Pain (32)
  • Neuropathy (23)
  • Post Surgery Back Pain (20)
  • Shoulder Pain (19)
  • CRPS (15)
  • Pelvic Pain (13)
I have suffered with my breathing for for 36 months I’ve been in the hospital and going back and forth with my doctors. No one had been able to help me with my breathing until now. I stay awake at night because I cant sleep on one side or another, I toss and turn all night because I can’t breathe. I’m also a dialysis patient. Dr, Elkhoury treated me today and I started breathing better even before he could give me the seconds one. I would definitely recommend this to anyone I know that needs this treatment.
I don’t get shortness of breath as much. I can’t keep moving and I read better and everything is better.   Daughter added “At home she’s able to get room to room a lot easier without being out of breath. Even from the car to your office, she was not breathing hard like before and kept a nice pace.
I have had knee pain for years. I have tried several medication and nothing really helped. Since we reset the nerves I have felt better, the pain has been better and have been able to sleep better. I would recommend this to anybody having pain.
I have had pain in both my shoulders for a couple of years. Since the injections two months ago I have felt much much better. I am able to do more activities and feel better. Two months ago I couldn’t do simple tasks like put a clothes over her head. I wasn’t able to lift my left arm at all, but now I am able to.
I was getting ready to go through total knee replacement surgery. I was in the last steps of getting clearance for surgery from my doctors.  You did a treatment in my knee and it’s really helped. I have less pain, am able to do more and sleeping better so I am postponing the surgery for now.
I have had knee pain for a very long, long time. About 15 years.  I had surgery which did not help. During the last five weeks after I last saw you, the pain got a lot better and has not come back. I am able to move around more. I sleep better and the medications are more effective.
I have been struggling with this pain for a year and a half.  Nothing had helped except this treatment. Three months ago we did this treatment and since the I am able to sit without any pain for long periods of time. The effects lasted about three months. During that time I was able to do all of my normal activities without pain.
I have had very strong headaches for about a year. Since the treatment, I only get them once in a while and when I do, they’re not as strong. I am happy with the way I feel.
I have had hip pain from for about two years. We did a new treatment 3 months ago. I could feel the difference right away. I could feel the relief from pain in my groin. It doesn’t feel like a pulled muscle anymore.  The pain started coming back after two and a half months. During that time I could do more and rest better. I am now able to do my normal activities like shave my legs and lift my leg without pain.
I have had issues with pain in my right knee and sciatica for about 3 or 4 years now. I tried everything from stretching to over the counter medicine and nothing ever worked. Four months ago you tried a completely different approach and it helped so much. It took the knee pain away and I still haven’t really felt it come back. The shots for my back really really helped and it helped all that nerve pain I had running down my leg. I still feel good and haven’t felt the pain come back as much.

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